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Life Sciences

Cold Chain Shippers, Category A or B Specimen Transport Packaging, Used Medical Device Return Packaging, and more.

Inmark, a global company, serves a myriad of markets, including, but not limited to: food and beverage, cosmetics, chemicals, coatings, hazardous materials, pharmaceutical and biomedical. Our packaging consultants will develop, test and fulfill a packaging solution to ensure safe and reliable storage and/or transport of your products.



Rigid Container 

Plastic Bottles & Tubs, Dispensing Systems, Cubitainers, Coolers, IBCs & Totes, Plastic Jars, Drums & Liners, Glass Bottles, Fiberboard Packaging, Accessories and more…

Whether you need a plastic pail, a cold chain shipper, Category A or B specimen transport packaging or Used Medical Device Return and Dangerous Goods shippers. We will work together to create an inventory program that meets your specific needs, resulting in reduced costs and improved productivity.



Dangerous Goods

DOT Exemption, 4G, and 4GV Packaging. Paint Cans, Steel Containers, Glass Bottles, UN Specification Boxes, and more…

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