Rigid Container


Inmark’s service oriented nature for it’s Rigid Container division means we are focused on being a strategic partner when it comes to Decorating, Inventory Management, Fulfillment, and Custom Molds.

Along with our valued products, Inmark feels that it’s imperative to offer industry leading services: Packaging and LifeScience.  Each offer their unique benefits designed to improve and enhance the satisfaction and business performance of the companies taking advantage of these offerings.  From training programs and global wholesale delivery sites to inventory management and custom decorating, Inmarks services are design to fill potential gaps that often appear when managing large projects.


Life Sciences


Your company does a lot of things really well, but sometimes doing everything In-House isn’t realistic. Inmark understands how to leverage our position in your day-to-day business to make you more efficient.

Whether you are looking for front-office administrative solutions or production and logistics solutions, Inmark and our partners are focused on your success

The right design is a critical component to the success of any product. With experienced graphic designers and state-of-the-art equipment, Inmark can take great products and enhance them with truly innovative design and decorating. With the help of our experienced consultants and graphic designers, we will work with you to develop product packaging that enhances your brand and increases your bottom line.