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Dangerous Goods Safety Training

Ship dangerous goods with confidence.  Training & support at your fingertips.


Training  Based on International & Local Regulations.

Our online training allows you to choose your training based on your location. While the training is primarily based on the international regulations developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and adopted by IATA, we provide references to country or regionally-specific regulations that may impact you.

Break Free of Limitations

Our training offers maximum flexibility, allowing each user to take their training from anywhere with internet access.  Start the training from your office and finish it at home, or from your mobile device.  The training platform keeps track of where you left off, module by module.

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Customized Test & Certificate

After training & testing is complete, your score is available instantly.  The trainee can print their certificate documenting their test score, as well as the test date and expiration month of the certificate.  If the trainee does not have an acceptable score, they are able to retake the test as many times as needed.

The Admin App

If you are responsible for shipping dangerous goods with a large staff or across multiple sites, this platform is perfect for you.  Keep track of the training progress and test scores for each trainee with the optional Administrative Tool.  This allows you to print out duplicate certificates for your records.  



We take your privacy seriously and have implemented security practices to ensure your data is secure.  With two-factor authentication, your account is safeguarded by more than just a single password.  All passwords are encrypted and accounts can be confirmed via Email or SMS messaging.  All systems are monitored for any suspicious activity.


Comprehensive Solutions

Our packaging experts are available to assist you through every step of the packaging process.

Dedicated Service

With a team of experienced & engaged customer service representatives, we provide the gold standard of service.

One-Stop Shopping

As a single-source provider, we are dedicated to making your buying process as easy and as cost-efficient as possible.

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