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Cold Chain
Bulk Packaging

Cold chain bulk packaging solutions offer a cost-effective and efficient approach to maintaining temperature control for larger volumes of temperature-sensitive products throughout the supply chain. By consolidating products into larger shipments or containers, bulk packaging minimizes handling costs, streamlines logistics, and improves scalability. It enables versatile transportation options and reduces the environmental impact associated with cold-chain transportation.

Inmark's Cold Chain Passive Bulk Packaging Solutions are designed with insulating materials such as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Polyurethane (PUR), or Vacuum Insulated panels (VIP) along with water-based & advanced phase change material to provide temperature control of your payload.  

The focus of this packaging is to maintain the desired temperature across a large volume of goods.

Engineered Workflow Solutions

With a modular design, these systems can be purchased off the shelf or customized to fit a variety of temperature ranges and durations to fit your payload needs.

Patented Technology

Imperium's patent technology enables active performance in a passive platform.

Bottle Slots & Slides

Designed for easy removal of refridgerant bottles for freezing and reuse.

The Perfect Fit

Bottle slots are designed for only one bottle size to reduce packing errors.

Post Conditioning

No Post-Conditioning is required for these bulk systems.


Arriving pre-assembled access your payload by removing only 3 panels.

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